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It’s The Simple Things
​Some things "go without saying", but we're gonna say them anyway.  Jeff explains how the simple things, the things we[...]
Practice With Purpose
Didn't mean to sound all serious and stuff (c'mon, you know us better than that) but Jeff does make some[...]
I Want One Of Those And One Of Those And
Yeah, one of each. So many new and cool products in the golf world. The Show is over. The PGA[...]
A New Year And Some New Rules!
The USGA has been working on changing some rules of the game in an effort to make it easier, or[...]
Barney Adams On The Show
Barney Adams has been one of the most influential creators and designers in the golf business. His Adams Tight Lies[...]
Excursions in Punta Cana
OK, so fall has finally brought us cooler weather and those of us who have been complaining about high heat[...]

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