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Those Weekend Golf Guys airs on Saturday and Sunday on over 126 broadcast and internet radio outlets worldwide. You can listen right here every Saturday at 12N eastern time.



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Golf Is Fun

The Golf Guys are Fun, Witty and Entertaining!
The Same Folks Invented Golf And Called It A Game That Invented Bagpipes And Called It Music!

When you listen to Those Weekend Golf Guys you realize that our message is simple: Golf Is Fun. Listening to us is also fun.

One thing you need to understand: we don't take ourselves, or anything else for that matter, too seriously. We also don't care about the Pros. We talk to and about The Average Golfer; the guy or gal who breaks 100 and hangs out at the 19th hole to celebrate; the folks who understand this is a game created by gods but played by mere mortals.

Every week Those Weekend Golf Guys delve into aspects of the game to make it more fun for everyone, no matter how good, how bad, how often or how seldom they play.

We talk about new equipment, new practice tools, new places to play or maybe just talk to one of the myriad interesting personalities involved in this crazy business.

And don't worry if you can't find us on the radio in your town. We're always available right here either live or recorded every weekend. Listen at your convenience. Just make sure you listen.

  • Guys want some serious fun

  • chics dig Us Too!

  • But some want to Play A Round

  • It's An On demand World

Meet The Golf Guys

These are the folks responsible for (guilty of?) the most entertaining Golf Talk Radio Show on the air.


Show Host
John is an experienced radio personality having hosted morning shows on stations from Bangor, Me. to Dallas, Tx. On the golf course his experiences are less stellar. Lucky for us he’s much better on the radio than the course..


Jeff is recognized as one of the best golf instructors in the country. He has taught everyone from rank amateurs to ranked Pro’s. Don’t miss his “Quick Fix” segment. It’s your opportunity for some one-on-one training with Jeff.

Mark Hunter

Intrepid Producer
Mark has his fingers on the controls for every show. He also is very good at politely chuckling at every attempt at humor we make, funny or not.

Brooke Watts

Sales Manager
Brooke was a collegiate golf champion and an experienced media sales pro. It’s like a marriage made in heaven. She can improve your advertising ROI and your golf swing at the same time.

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