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​What's This Show About?

It's about YOU, ​the average golfer. The men and women who know as they head out to the course​​​​​​ that they are mere mortals trying to master a game invented by gods. We talk about you, and how you can have more fun playing golf, whether that be new techniques to play better, new equipment to play with, new places to play or simply some conversations with interesting personalities from the world of golf that can help give you a new attitude about the game we all love and aspire to master.

What's This Show ​Not ​About?

​​​​The PGA Tour! We may mention the Pros now and then, especially since Jeff has a student playing on the tour, but there are really only 3 Tour Pros we care about: Tyler Duncan (Jeff's PGA Tour member student), Justin Thomas (we know his dad), and, Thorbjorn Olesen (simply because his name is fun to say out loud). Other than that, if the PGA Tour is what you're interested in we suggest you listen to our friend, Frank Basset with his show, Golf Talk America. ​Frank and his crew cover the PGA Tour very well.​​​

​When you take one of America's best Radio Personalities and put him together with one of America's best Golf Instructors, you have one helluva good Golf Talk Radio Show. We do! And we call it, ​Those Weekend Golf Guys.

John Ashton, host of those weekend golf guys radio show

John Ashton, Show Host

John Ashton has entertained radio audiences from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas and has embarrassed himself at many golf courses in the same cities. John is a Hacker But he has a great attitude about it. "​I should be able to shoot my age,"​ John says, "​hope I can make it to 93!"

John's skewed view of the world and quirky sense of humor makes ​Those Weekend Golf Guys a wonderfully entertaining hour of Golf Talk Radio.​​​​​​

Jeff Smith, PGA ​is the show's Co-Host and resident golf expert. And we mean ​EXPERT!​ Jeff is recognized as one of the top Golf Instructors in the country​​​​​​ and has taught students from Rank Amateurs to Ranked Professionals. ​One of his long time students is a rookie this season on the PGA Tour.

Jeff shares his expertise every week and helps your game with "Quick Fixes" to the most common challenges we all have.

Jeff Smith, PGA

Jeff Smith, PGA

​Saturday and Sunday at 11AM Eastern Time

​Anytime 24/7 Listen At Your Convenience

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