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Available in 2 versions: Run Time of 53:50 for stations with Top Of Hour news, and Run Time of 59:50 with Top Of Hour Start. Both available on full barter with 8 minutes of local avails in each hour.

Those Weekend Golf Guys isn't your typical Golf Talk Show! We Do Not cover the PGA Tour. We Do Not talk about anything about Tour Pro's at all!
We DO talk to and about the Average Golfer and how they can have more fun with the game. And fun is what the show is all about. We are, above all, Entertaining!
John Ashton (Host) has over 25 years of on-air broadcast experience while Jeff Smith (Co-Host) has been teaching folks from rank amateurs to ranked touring Pro's for the same length of time.
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Those Weekend Golf Guys Show Elements for Weekend July 20, - July 22, 2018

Segment 1/Open 1:00 run time

Those Weekend Golf Guys Show
for Powercast Radio

Segment 2 9:00(2 min net spots included)

Those Weekend Golf Guys Show

Segment 3 9:50 (1 min net spot included)

Those Weekend Golf Guys Show
59:50 runtime

Segment 4 13:00 (2 min net spots included)

Full shows have local avails covered

Segment 5 13:00 (2 min net spots included)

Alt. Segment 1 7:00 (top of hour start)
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