Shafts. Do We Really Care?

Whenever I hear golf professionals, teachers, etc. start discussing shafts my eyes glaze over and I order yet another drink. Most amateurs feel the same way I think. Shafts are a bit too “inside baseball” type of discussion. When the question is: “what kind of shaft do you use?” our answer is usually: “Whatever came with the club when I bought it!”

Today I received this news release: Fujikura Golf continues to succeed on the LPGA Tour with another #1 ranking. Their hybrid golf shafts total took a demanding 27.7% of the ENTIRE field.

Coupled with this news was a conversation I recently had with Jeff Smith. He has given me 2 drivers to try; one a Ping and one a Callaway. I reported back that the Callaway worked so much better for me than did the Ping. He said that would make sense because the Callaway had a better shaft. I started thinking. Of the 6 drivers I’ve used in the past 4 years there were 2 that I really did well with. One was a Nike SQ and the other this new Callaway. So I tried to figure out what, if anything, they may have had in common. I found my answer! They both used the same Fujikura shaft. The High Heat, Cobra and other 2 drivers did not.

Maybe I should really pay attention the next time I’m in the middle of a shaft discussion. For those interested, here’s the rest of the news release.

Fujikura Golf, recognized for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, pleasantly announces the company has gained yet another top LPGA golf shaft ranking. This notable #1 position comes on the heels of a LPGA victory at the Blue Bay LPGA which proves Fujikura golf shafts are the preferred shafts amongst the LPGA Tour Professionals.
“Fujikura Golf Shafts have long been the ‘Go-To’ shafts on the LPGA Tour. For three years in a row our Speeder brand shaft has been the most played golf shaft on the LPGA Tour but primarily in the driver and woods golf shaft category. It’s satisfying to see our success expand into another category like the hybrids,” stated Stephanie Hartgraves, Marketing Manager at Fujikura Golf.
The Darrell Survey, a golf equipment reporting agency, confirmed that Fujikura’s Hybrid Golf Shafts were ranked #1 at the LPGA Toto Japan Classic. The agency also verified that six LPGA Tour Professionals played a Fujikura Golf Shaft to grasp a Top-10 finish which included a second place finisher who used her preferred Fujikura Hybrid Golf Shafts to reach the playoff and end up with a notable runner-up position.
The Speeder brand shaft is rated #1 on the LPGA Tour for driving accuracy with close to 90% fairways hit – three years in a row. The Speeder brand shaft is the most played golf shaft on the LPGA Tour

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