Some Golf Talk, America

Frank Basset, from Golf Talk America podcast heard on is a guest on this week’s show. Frank is an avid golfer (but like the rest of us, he stinks) who has the opportunity to hang with the famous and the infamous. He rubs shoulders with many, including Ray Stevens, one of the funniest men Read more about Some Golf Talk, America[…]

Episode 79 – The Ed Byman Interview

Ed Byman has had one very cool Golf life. He was a PGA Tour Pro and beat Lee Trevino in the Mexico Open in 1974. In the late 1990’s, he saw this “internet thing” taking off and started thinking of ways to marry the internet with golf. In the early 2000’s Ed helped develope a Read more about Episode 79 – The Ed Byman Interview[…]

Golf Ball With A Brain

On episode 97 of Those Weekend Golf Guys we interview Bret Blakely, founder and owner of the OnCore Golf ball company. They are designing a new, smart golf ball. A ball that will give you all the details you would want like: ball speed off the Tee, yards in the air, yards of roll out, Read more about Golf Ball With A Brain[…]

best ball mark repair tool ever!

Did You Miss Last Weekend?

We called it: “It Was Alive When I Left”. Did you realize that a ball mark on a green repaired incorrectly will actually kill that spot on the green? If you want grass there tomorrow, make sure you fix it right today. On last Saturday’s show we interviewed Bart Fokke, the head honcho at Pitch Read more about Did You Miss Last Weekend?[…]