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Develop A Better Game Early This Season

​We start at the green and work our way all the way back to the Tee. Jeff Smith, excuse me, the ​Award Winning Jeff Smith​​​​, shares his best ideas on how you can hit the course this season with a game superior to the one you played last year. It’s not that hard.

You see, Jeff won the PGA’s “Developmental Teacher Of The Year” Award just last week, primarily for his work with a student named Tyler Duncan. Tyler came to Jeff in the 8th grade. Jeff worked with him through his High School Championship season, his College Championship season at Purdue, his Tour season and now his inaugural season on the PGA Tour.

​If Jeff can get students from beginner to PGA Tour, don’t you think he can get you what you need to win a few more skins in your weekend foursome?

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See for yourself just how great a Golf Instructor Jeff is, and how easy it is to understand and, with a little practice, improve substantially and quickly. This month's video is going to help eliminate all your 3-putts.

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