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Those Weekend Golf Guys - Improve Your Game With Jeff's Quick Fix

Jeff Smith

A Little About Jeff

Jeff Smith joins the Golf Guys every week live from the "Golf Cave" at his Plane and Simple Golf School at Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus, In. He is the only Golf Pro in the group and our "go to" guy for all questions relating to on course tips and techniques.

We think Jeff is terrific; one of the best teachers we've ever come across. That's why we recruited him for the Golf Guys. But we are not alone in our high opinion of Jeff. Look at just some of the other accolades he's received:

  • Teacher of the Year Nominee, Indiana Section PGA 2011, 2012, 2013
  • US Kids Top 50 Teacher Nominee, 2012
  • Golf Professional of the Year Nominee, Indiana Section PGA 2009
  • Horton Smith Award Nominee, Indiana Section PGA 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Indiana Section PGA Director 2004 - 2012

Jeff is teaching and fitting people for clubs at Otter Creek Golf Course, but has also has been a guest teaching professional at various golf schools and golf courses in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. He has taught over 10,500 lesson hours since 1994 and was the lead instructor for the PGA's Growth of the Game Jr. Golf Clinic at the 2010 PGA Professional National Championship in French Lick, Indiana

Jeff's Quick Fix for Posture

Finding Your Best Posture

Without a club in your hand, flex your knees, bend slightly from the waist, and then let your arms drop down naturally. Clap your hands together, and you'll be in the proper address posture. Its as simple as that. If you grip your club - any club - from this position, you should find that its sole lies flat on the ground. If it doesn't, don't change your posture, change the club specs.

Feet Can Be Liars

I can't tell you how many times I've seen players - both pros and amateurs - check their alignment by setting a club along the line that connects their toes. In my view, that's a mistake. The reason is that most players tend to flare open one or both of their feet. Most common is the flared left foot, which brings the left toe back four or five centimeters from the target line. The result is that, if you lay a club down from toe to toe, that line will point well left of target, and will not reflect your actual alignment. Your hips, knees, and shoulders may be perfectly in line with the target, but the flared toe line will make you look like you are aimed to the left.

Quick Fix:   A more precise way to check alignment is to lay the club along your heel line. As your toes flare, your heels remain on line, so the line that connects your heels will accurately reflect the actual alignment of your feet. Even better yet, lay a club down on your shoulder line to see where your swing will most likely travel. This can be a real eye opener.

The Stick - A Toothbrush for Muscles

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