January 13, 2017

The $5 Golf Club

So Much For So Little

It's not a box of clothes sent every month! I mean, how big a closet do you have for all that stuff?

It's not the wine of the month or a box with fancy lingerie. In fact, we won't send you a box of anything!

What we will send you is a simple invitation to join the Golf Guy's Super Secret Facebook Group. Members of this group will get more than could ever fit in any box!


$5/Month Patron Plan

That's right! For the cost of one golf ball you will become a Golf Guys Patron. And you'll receive a lot in return like:

  • Access to a commercial free version of Those Weekend Golf Guys Show. Available 2 days before its broadcast anywhere!
  • Access to Jeff Smith's monthly "Quick Fix" Webinars. (You'll lose fewer $5 golf balls therefore making a profit!)
  • Membership in the Golf Guy's Secret Facebook Group. Meet other members, make friends, talk smack. Good Times!
  • Audio outtakes from the Golf Guys broadcast (some language may be a bit saucy!)
  • Live video versions of our Sunday Program broadcast live from a golf course in the area.

The "Quick Fix" Webinars alone are worth much more than $5!

$12/Month: Friend of the Golf Guys

Give a little bit more and you get a little bit more. All the things included in the $5 Patron Plan PLUS:

  • You can suggest the topic for Jeff's "Quick Fix" Webinar. So what do you need to fix?

$40/Month Producer

What's a Producer? Someone who makes suggestions on show content, suggests interesting guests, and, of course, gets credit for all of it. Every Producer level member will have their name emblazoned on our studio wall, our "Credits" page on the website and be thanked on air regularly. So not only do you get to have a say in the show content, but also can get famous. Plus, you'll get everything in the other 2 membership levels and in addition receive:

  • Producer credit on both audio and video shows
  • a live call in conversation during Jeff's Quick Fix segment (yes, we'll fix you in 8 minutes)
  • FREE Stuff! Every quarter we will send you a useful golf gadget, doohickey or maybe balls, gloves, etc.

If it were us, this is the level we'd pick!!!

$5/Month Patron

$12/Month Friend Of The Golf Guys

$40/Month Producer