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We Want To Hear From You

We’ve added a new feature to the show: We now have the ability for you to call in and leave us a message, make a comment or even ask Jeff Smith a question that he will answer on the air!

Here’s the toll free number: 1-888-550-2648


To leave a comment or question please dial 1-888-550-2648. If you are outside of the US, Canada, or Carribean, or if you want make your recording using a voice recorder, please visit . This service is sponsored by LifeOnRecord – a meaningful audio keepsake of phoned in stories, memories, and well-wishes from family and friends telling the recipient why they are special. For more information visit, this cool website .

And remember, comments and questions will be used on the air. Sure, we will let you know when if you send us a message via the contact form and tell us your contact info. Wouldn’t want you to miss your answers!

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