2019 Ad Rates – Those Weekend Golf Guys

2019 Ad Rates


​grow with us! build your brand nationally as we build ours.

​partner with ​those weekend golf guys broadcast​​​​ on SB Nation

​Align your brand with ours multiple times each week as we broadcast​Live from the ​[your biz] ​studios”.

​Each of our 5 show​​​ segments will include that line followed by a 10-15 second tag line. It’s what has made Geico a household name in Sports Radio…

Live from the Geico studios. Ge​ico, 15 minutes can save you 15% or more

​Let Us make You A Household Name Too!​​​




​Sunday, 8 A.M. Eastern

​SB Nation Sports Radio Network

​(click Here for a station list)​​​

​Average Weekly Audience: 300,000​

Those Weekend Golf Guys

will deliver the most affluent group of sports enthusiasts (Golfers) on a consistent basis​​​, week in and week out, whether you choose the on air version or the on demand version or both.

​For insight into who are listeners are and what they are all about, ​Click Here.

​Sponsorship on this unique, highly entertaining Golf Talk Radio Show can deliver a high ROI on your advertising dollars.​​​

Anytime, On Demand

​Golf Talk America Network​

Golf Guys’ Archives

​Average ​30 Day Downloads: 30,000

​Successful advertising is a combination of ​repetition​ over ​time.​ Because of that, we recommend running in no fewer than 4 consecutive shows​​​​​​ (counted as one month). The pricing listed below reflects One Month ​packages. Further discounts are offered for quarterly orders.​​​

Instance 1

Broadcast rates




  • 2 – :30 Spots/week. 8 spots total
  • Free Production – Free Copy Writing
  • Single Spot Rate – $150 / :30 Spot
  • Add $400 for :60 spots
  • Further discounts available for 13 week package
​Combo rates




  • Combo Spots are delivered LIVE
  • ​Spots run inside body of show
  • Spots are not perceived as “advertising”
  • Spots are delivered in a story format. We call it “Advertainment”
  • Further discounts available for 13 week packages
  • ​Spots included in both Broadcast and Podcast
P​odcast rates




  • Pre-roll or mid-roll available
  • Endorsement delivery by host(s)
  • 30,000+ listens per month
  • All shows archived in perpetuity
  • No charge for commercial production

​Need something that might work better for you? Yeah, we heard you might be difficult. Actually, this is not a problem at all. Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to tailor an advertising program to suit you perfectly. We are, above all, adaptable. Want info now?


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