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A Shirt Can Save The World

In this week’s show we talk to Shail Shah, from a company called 2-DG. Coincidentally, that’s also the name of something that just might be the first successful attempt at curing Cancer! Shail is a clothing designer who has felt the ravages of Cancer in his family. When he met the research doctor who is “this close” to developing a successful treatment, he knew he wanted to help. So his compay, 2-DG was born.

Right now 2-DG makes golf apparell, polo shirts for both men and women that are made in Italy from a smooth fabric woven from reclaimed fishnets. The cloth is SPF-50, so it helps with Melanoma problems from golfers who spend a lot of time in the sun. It also helps rid the oceans of the used fishnets that trap and kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.

The best part is Shail contributes 10% of all sales, not profits, but off the top sales, to the research for curing cancer with 2-DG.

Buy a shirt. Cure cncer. Save the world!

Check it out at 2-dg.com

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