A Tour Ball You Can Afford To Lose – Those Weekend Golf Guys

A Tour Ball You Can Afford To Lose

Introducing Cut Golf. Makers of Tour quality golf balls that you can afford to lose! We talk with the 2 founders of the company. Also, Euan McIntyre explains his new book “Gregor The Golf Ball” and how this book can help introduce juniors to the game. So much fun in just 44 minutes!

Can you believe a 4 piece, tour quality golf ball for just 20 bucks a dozen? Believe it! We’ve played them and theyare everything the guys claim them to be: tour quality, great feel around the green and nice and long.

Also want to welcome Tommy John underwear to the show as a sponsor. This underwear has been called “the most comfortable underwear to play golf in”. Rest assured, it’s the most comfortable to do anything in! As a welcome to Tommy John gift, they are giving you a 20% discount as a listener to the Golf Guys! Simply go to Tommy John’s website and order anything that looks good (trust us, it will ALL feel good)


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