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​Finally! A Golf Talk Show For People Who Think Golf Talk Shows Are Boring!

What if you could find a Golf Radio Show that was not hosted by some washed up former Pro golfer? What if you could find a Golf Talk Show that isn't condescending (that means they talk down to you) because your average drive is not 300+ yards and your go-to club for a 160 yard fairway shot is your 6 iron, not a pitching wedge? What you are looking for is a Golf Talk Radio Show that talks to us, the average golfer; the folks who have never broken 80 in ​our lives; the ones who hope to live to 102 so they can "shoot their age"; the folks that realize they are mere mortals playing a game obviously designed by, and for, gods.

We are that show! Those Weekend Golf Guys.

You will never hear us discussing Tiger's chances of regaining his #1 position or whether Jordan Spieth screwed up his game by getting married. You know why? WE DON'T CARE! We don't care about the PGA Tour, WEB.com Tour, or any of the Pro Tours. We do care about you.

John Ashton, host of those weekend golf guys radio show

John Ashton - Host

​John Ashton - Show Host

​​​​That's me. I'm a ​terrific radio personality (in my own humble yet never-the-less expert opinion) and a lousy golfer. And I wonder how my life would have turned out if those were reversed. But, I learn to live with it. I've entertained morning radio audiences from Bangor, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia and many cities in between. I have embarrassed myself on golf courses in all those cities too. And for reasons I am loathe to speak out loud, I never, ever, took a golf lesson. And I'd tell people that like it is something to be proud of. I love to share my frustrations and challenges, wins and losses with you because I know you have done the exact same things I've done, made the same mistakes, had the same disappointments​ on the course. So we can relate to each other. 

My normal day went like this: get up at 3 AM, get to the station by 4, do my morning show from 5 to 9, hang around 'till 11 or so then head out to the golf course. Hey, it beat working for a living! Then one morning I got off the air, went into the GM's office where he told me I was way too expensive and needed to make my own way in the world. Yup, he took my ID badge, handed me a severance check and showed me the door. My first reaction was not "oh, bummer I'm unemployed" it was "cool, now I can get the first Tee Time every morning". I'm sure you can understand that.

A friend that I played golf with regularly, after listening to me complain about unemployment said to me, "since all you do is play golf and whine about not being on the radio, why don't you do a radio show about golf?" Brilliant! That's what I did and this is what it's become: Those Weekend Golf Guys. Another friend told me about this golf Pro he had taken a lesson from. Said his name was Jeff something and he was pretty cool. "You should have him on your show," he said. So I did.

Jeff Smith, PGA is the coolest, most laid back, and most easy to relate to golf instructor I've ever met. He speaks English, not golfese. If he wants you to open your stance he'll tell you to "move your left foot back" so even if you don't know what "open your stance" means, you'll understand his directions. Jeff understood that one of the main problems we "normal people" have with golf Pros is we fear we'll be embarrassed, because we are so bad (or at least, we think we are).

Here's the bottom line. Jeff fit in so well with what I wanted this show to be I invited him to become the co-host. Because he understood what the show could be, he accepted.

Jeff Smith, PGA

​​Jeff has won more awards than I have room to list, and you have time to read. But if you want, make sure you read Jeff's full bio here to get a feel of just how accomplished this dude is.

With Jeff's help I have shaved many strokes off my handicap. Hell, with Jeff's help I actually have a handicap!

And he will help you, too. Simply listen to us every week. Go Here to listen to the nationally syndicated show every Sunday morning at 8, eastern time on the SB Nation Sports Radio Network. Or, listen to the podcast version (same show, fewer commercials) here where we archive all our shows, anytime you want to. You will be entertained. You ​will find your golf game improves. You will enjoy Those Weekend Golf Guys.

Make sure you visit Facebook.com/golfguys and LIKE and FOLLOW us there. Jeff Smith does a "golfinar", a simple 30 minute live facebook broadcast where he will fix one aspect of your game. He'll cover everything from the basics (like what the proper grip looks like) to some more advanced techniques (like the "hinge and thump" pitch shot). These "golfinars" happpen once a week. We have a private group too called The League Of Extraordinarily Average Golfers. If you fit the bill, please join there too. You'll have lots of fun.

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