Above Average And Under Par – Those Weekend Golf Guys

Above Average And Under Par

Golf is a backward game! In what other sport is the object to score as few points as possible? Take the word “par”. It’s what we strive for as amateurs, always trying to beat if we really want to stand out. “Par” means average. Therefore “under par”, literally, means “below average”. So we walk off the course with a below average score and we’re happy!!! Like I said, backward game. And confusing.

But the real confusing part is some of those convoluted, that-makes-no-sense, rules. And there are plenty of them. Good news though: the USGA has changed some rules for the better. John and Jeff talk about the new rules, the stupd rules and the we’re-never-gonna-follow-them-anyway rules.

Another fun, funny entertaining and educational show.

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