Golf Ball With A Brain – Those Weekend Golf Guys

Golf Ball With A Brain

On episode 97 of Those Weekend Golf Guys we interview Bret Blakely, founder and owner of the OnCore Golf ball company. They are designing a new, smart golf ball. A ball that will give you all the details you would want like: ball speed off the Tee, yards in the air, yards of roll out, distance to the flag, spin rate and a whole lot more. In fact, Bret and the folks at Oncore see this ball becoming your personal caddy with the addition of AI functions to future iterations.

As you can tell from the picture, the Genius ball is a hollwcore ball (they developed that technology 6 years ago) where a computer chip rests safely and snugly. This chip communicates with an app on your phone or a site in the cloud where your info is transmitted, stored and used to substantially help in understanding your own golf game.

Enjoy the interview with Bet and Jeff Smith also discusses golf balls in general and how to choose the right one for you.

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