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How To Get The Right Hotel Supplies For Your Golf Guests

Part of a great hotel’s charm is the feeling that you are as comfortable there as you are at home. One of the ways of achieving this is by providing all the necessary amenities a guest might need upon arrival – shampoo, shower gels, toilet paper(nicky & jumbo), centrefeed rolls, hand paper towels and so on. It is something that many hotel operators don’t think too much about. However, these things matter to customers. A survey once found that guests would, in fact, be willing to pay more for a hotel as long as it provided high quality amenities such as these.

It is important, therefore, to keep quality at the forefront of your mind when you are choosing hotel supplies. Whether it is stationary or bathroom products, cutting corners could lead to a decreased satisfaction from customers who have chosen to stay at your establishment. This does not necessarily mean you have to find the most luxurious products from the most expensive wholesalers ( Businesses like ours provide a range of high standard items for affordable prices.

And speaking of price – this is something that must be considered.  Providing hotel supplies for each room in a hotel can become quite expensive, particularly as you will need new items for each customer. One way you could save on price without sacrificing quality could be to buy smaller versions of certain products. This is especially useful if your guests tend to stay for just one or two nights as opposed to holidaymakers who may be with you for as long as two weeks. Instead of large bottles of soap that will have to be discarded once your guest has stayed, you could instead invest in small 15g bars. Furthermore, there are 20ml shampoo bottles available that are ideal for couples staying at your accommodation for just a few nights. These hotel supplies can, of course, be purchased in bulk to further reduce cost.

Price, quality, and size – these are all important factors to keep in mind. But one that hotel owners may not have thought about is whether the product matches their company’s ethos. All of the most popular hotel chains in the United Kingdom maintain a very precise brand identity. If yours is luxurious, for example, you will want to supply the hotel with lavish amenities. On the other hand, if yours is a place for young travellers, you might instead need vivid, contemporary items. Ensuring the products you put in the room represent the style, colour scheme and target customer is crucial to your business’s success. Our online wholesale store has a wide variety of products for this reason.

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