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I Don’t Always Hit 270 Yard Drives

But when I do, it’s with a VOLVIK XTSoft Ball!

We love the Optic Yellow color too but also available in white

This is my favorite hole at Elk Run Golf Course in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It’s a 311 yard par-4 hole. See this bunker? It’s at 205 yards. Now, if we are being honest, that is close to the average length of most of us amateurs’ drives, and that includes my drives. My desire here is usually “just get over the bunker”.

That was the thought process on this fine Sunday morning in September, “just get it over the bunker”.

I Tee’d up the Volvik XT Soft ball that had arrived a few days earlier for me to try. It was the first time I had used one. Not sure why I had waited until the 16th hole, but here we were. I swung, as normal. I hit the ball and watched it jump off the club face. I watched it sail high and far, clearing the bunker with many yards to spare. Then I watched it hit the fairway and roll….and roll and then roll some more.

The reactions from the rest of my group were mixed. One said, “great drive” while another said “Oh my gawd” while my favorite reaction was “Holy S**t”!

The GPS said, as we shot for the yardage for the 2nd shot, that I was 41 yards from the flag. We did the math! 311 minus 41 equals 270!

I’m sure you now understand why I would say the Volvik XT Soft is my favorite ball. Do I hit 270 yard drives consistently? Oh, hell no. It’s not a miracle ball. It’s just a great ball. I DO hit consistently longer drives and we haven’t even begun to talk about how much closer I can hit an approach shot.

For too long I operated under the erroneous assumption that Volvik balls were “gimicky”, you know, colors, matte finishes, lots of things that didn’t make much of a difference. But I was wrong.

We highly recommend the Volvik XT Soft specifically, and the entire line of Volvik Golf Balls.

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