Lose 6 To 8 Strokes Overnight – Those Weekend Golf Guys

Lose 6 To 8 Strokes Overnight

That’s the results you can expect when you join the 5Dollar Golf Club. It’s a new membership site that features our own Jeff Smith as the director of instruction. You’ve heard Jeff’s Tips and Quick Fixes on the air so you realize just how well he can give you easily understood info on how to improve your game and lower your score. Just imagine how much easier it gets when Jeff instructs you with video!

Most of the videos are short and sweet. Just the info you need to improve one particular area of your game. No BS! And Jeff assures you, if you concentrate first on the short game videos, you will reduce your average score by 6 to 8 strokes almost immediately. And who wouldn’t want to shoot 6 to 8 strokes less every round?

Check Out The 5DollarGolfCub.com Here

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