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New From Tour Edge

New Exotics EXS 220 and 220h Hollow- Body Iron Sets Announced by Tour Edge

Tour Edge officially introduces two new state-of-the-art Exotics EXS 220 hollowbody iron sets, the EXS 220 and EXS 220h iron sets.

“These two new irons sets take us into the realm of offering next-level distance coupled with extreme forgiveness in both game improvement and super game improvement designs,” said Master Club Designer David Glod. “We have long been a trail blazer in hollow-body irons. These two gorgeous iron designs encompass every performance benefit this emerging technology provides.”

EXS 220 Iron – Split Hollow-Body Set/Undercut, Game Improvement, Platinum Chrome Finish

The EXS 220 iron set is a split set featuring both hollow body and deep undercut designs, making for an

extremely advanced multi-material game improvement set in a Platinum Chrome finish that plays extremely long.

The hollow-body long irons of the EXS 220 set (4 through 7 irons) offer extreme power, while the deep undercut scoring irons (8 through Gap Wedge) offer precise accuracy with tight dispersion characteristics.

The hollow-body long irons feature a forged maraging steel 450 Cup Face, while the scoring irons are a solid 431-stainless-steel construction.

The EXS 220 irons feature a 19-gram Tungsten weight for extreme toe weighting and an expanded sweet spot.

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