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New Titleist AVX golf balls are available

As of now, April 23!

AVX is made by Titleist associates in the company’s state-of-the-art
Ball Plant 3 manufacturing facility to the highest performance and quality
specifications in the industry, ensuring the most consistent performance
ball to ball, and dozen to dozen.

“During the test market, we heard from a lot of golfers playing
competitive models who realized they had been giving up performance in
order to play a softer feeling golf ball,” Mahoney said. “With AVX, not
only were they getting the feel that they love, they were also getting
longer distance with great performance in the short game – and they were
playing better. That’s the reason so many golfers are talking about this
golf ball.”

AVX TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE: Featuring a proprietary multi-component
construction, AVX delivers remarkable distance and penetrating flight,
very low long game and iron spin, exceptionally soft feel and premium
scoring control.

And all this for retail price $47.99 a dozen

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