We Are An International Hit! – Those Weekend Golf Guys

We Are An International Hit!

When sitting in a radio studio talking into a microphone it’s sometimes difficult to imagine just how many people are actually listening. We just checked the stats for the last quarter of listening on our podcast site, Audioboom.com, where we archive all of our shows and we’re blown away!

We know that our audience is large is markets like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas with our west coast flagship station, XRQK. We have large and loyal audiences in Texas, N. Carolina and Florida but some of the countries and cities that are listed on our podcast site are extremely surprising.


TOP 5 Countries

  1. United States… not  surprised. USA! USA!
  2. Russia…yes, Russia!!!
  3. Australia…sure, makes sense. Jason Day, Adam Scott et al prove golf is big in Australia. Thanks Mate.
  4. Mauritius…where??? Yeah, we had to look it up too. Off the coast of Madagascar. There is a grand total of 10 golf courses in the country. They must all be busy all the time.
  5. United Kingdom…C’mon guys. I mean, in the home of golf? And you’re in 5th place? Tell some friends to listen!

Top 5 Cities

Moscow … I studied Russian in school. May have to translate some of our bits.

New York City … 2 more Muscovites listened than New Yorkers. C’mon guys not far from the top spot.

Adelaide, Australia … thinking about buying the crew dinner at Outback to celebrate this fact.

Sunnyvale, Ca. … Are these Tech Geeks? or just Golf Geeks?

Charlotte, NC … Hope y’all stay safe. And if anyone wants to invite us down to Pinehurst…….


Cities 6-20

Oshkosh (by gosh) Wi., Trappe, Tx., Dallas, Tx., Melbourne, Australia, New Albany, In. Ashburn, NC., Penza, Russia, Forest City, NC., Louisville, Ky., Collegeville, Tx., Columbus, Oh., Green, Marble Falls and Pfluggerville, all in Texas and Sandlefoot Cove, in Boca Raton, Fla.!

As we say, from coast to coast, from border to border and now worldwide, Those Weekend Golf Guys are a hit!!!

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