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Women’s Golf Day:Success!

On June 7, 2016 thousands of women and girl’s throughout the world picked up a golf club in celebration of International Women’s Golf Day (WGD). History was made when more than 400 golf facilities in 27 countries rolled out the welcome mat and served as hosts for the inaugural event.

womens_golf_day-600x336The common theme that resonates with WGD participants is the fact that the experience helped them “step out of their comfort zone” and encouraged them to try something new. Since WGD also served as a venue to learn about player development offerings, event organizers anticipate more women and girls will be taking more lessons, clinics and ultimately, playing more golf.

WGD organizers are asking allied golf organizations and businesses to mark their calendars now, as the 2017 Women’s Golf Day event has been set for Tuesday, June 6.

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